Saturday, May 11, 2013

Remember the "choose your own adventure books"?

Where did all the choose your own adventure books go?!

They were already basically phased out by the time I was in elementary school which was the early 90's, but I remember having found my brother's pirate themed CYOA in the attic. I'd attempted to read it a couple of times but I always made the wrong choice and died very quickly.  I distincly recall being annoyed with having to re-read the same intro over again to try and get a second chance.

I had this little bookie flashback when I was browsing the limited novel section in Walmart and noticed a bundled set of books with a fantastic yetti on the cover. Apparently, CYOAs are making a come back.

Okay, not really, but they so could.

This lead to two questions, how should I write one now, and could I make it interesting enough to want to be read.

I suppose RPGs would be the modern version of a CYOA novel, but I think it would be fun to have a romance, or an apocalypse one. The problem is, how the hell would you organize it.

This is why writers need to hang out with other writers. Sarah E., a co-worker, writer, artist-combo friend gave me the internet hook up.

Not that kind of hook up.

I mean, she shared a link with me to this ridiculously thrilling (if you're an OCD control freak like me) site called

No one tells me anything! I'm always the last person to find all the geeky nerd sites.

NOT only can you writing INSIDE bubbles, you can move them, and color code them, and...

Perhaps it won't be as thrilling for you, but I think it's the shit and I'm totes working on a CYOA.

It's free.

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