Saturday, June 1, 2013

Compliment or Incompetent?

Beware, the following contains a rant.

Why, oh why, do non-writing folk always ask writers to "write" their novels, movie scripts, plays, grocery lists, love notes, poems, signs for them?

Oh, I will take a moment to represent the frustrated writer population out there by divulging into why this is such a peeve of mine.

Writing is fun, yes. I adore writing. But that is limited to scratching out my own ideas.

Writing your writing is not fun. You should write your own writing because it saves me from having to make awkward excuses/reasons about why I don't want to, or why I think you should do it yourself.

Here's a perfect example of how writer's feel when they get bamboozled into writing for other people. Remember when in school you were forced to do group projects, and somehow one person gets stuck doing everything?


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