Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tweeting Authors (not to be confused with authors who tweet)

I've had a growing...habit as of late. I read a book, adore it and then hunt the writer down on Twitter (my stalker media site of choice), and then send them a little tweet.

Just a harmless, you-are-the-best-writer-and-I-love-everything-you-do-and-want-to-be-you-when-I-grow-up, tweet.

Is that weird?

It's one writer to another writer, so it's not weird. Right? If it is weird it's the fun kind of weird as opposed to the lock your doors kind of weird.

I have a solution! I'll tweet all the famous writers (Maureen Johnson, John Green, Beth Revis, Ally Condie and E.L. James) I've tweeted in the past and ask them what they think. Below is the screen shot of the above explained solution.

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